Sunday, February 22, 2009

Vanessa Winship

If Mike Johnston really likes somebody, that says something. Mike really likes Vanessa Winship. After reading his article I delved a bit further. Vanessa is an award winning British photographer who has published two books, both of which are available here at Amazon Germany. Vanessa works in black and white and shoots mainly in Bulgaria and Turkey.

After reading Mike’s article, Vanessa and I had a nice email exchange. She is not brand loyal, but confesses to using Nikons forever. For her first book, Sweet Nothings, she used an Ebony 4x5 field camera. Schwarzes Meer was shot on 35mm. Vanessa shoots film and scans her negatives to make digital prints.

She says, “Each methodology makes for a different relationship with my subjects [and] both have their own beauty for me”. To my way of thinking Vanessa is a rising star and a very nice one at that. There is a certain large manufacturer of black and white film that would be well advised to keep an eye on her.

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